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Online Workshop Feb. 26, 2023 Let's Sing
Workshop (Online)
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Feb. 26, 2023
Let's Sing

Ambra Sorrentino: Opera in digital world

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Do not miss On-line Workshop | Ambra Sorrentino: Opera in digital world | Let's Sing Workshop On-line

On 26.2. 14:00 live on Facebook or YouTube for free

In this round table, managers and representatives from different organizations have the opportunity to present, discuss and compare the various initiatives adopted to include new technologies and digital technologies in the opera world. Such technologies can embrace both the artistic side and the technical side, as well as the management and finance departments and audience development.

Ambra Sorrentino will introduce Opera Co-Pro, the first global platform dedicated to opera managers to find co-production partners and launch international projects. The platform was awarded by companies such as Amazon and Google for its innovative matching system and its CEO was selected by JP Morgan among the 15 best Female entrepreneurs in London.

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The workshop is targeted at arts managers, agents, and opera venues.

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Feb. 22, 2023

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