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Live Workshop June 4, 2023 Let's Sing
Workshop (Live)
June 4, 2023
Let's Sing

Masterclass for singing teachers

Let's Sing is looking for 20 singing teachers to give them the opportunity to attend the special workshop.

About the Workshop

Let's Sing is looking for 20 singing teachers to give them the opportunity to attend a masterclass with opera experts who will train them how to approach teaching and how to sing opera efficiently. Workshops include lessons with the conductor, director, choreographer, accompanist, voice teacher, and career counsellor.

Be part of the opera Let's Sing community and meet top professionals from Europe. The results that will be created within the project will help schools and theatres to better identify, develop and not waste talents through a failed transition into practice. We believe we can contribute to the growth of the sector. After the workshop, you will receive a Let's Sing workshop certificate.

Workshops will take place from June 23 to July 1, 2023 in Villa Braida (Treviso, Italy), where you will also be accommodated. You can choose your dates, at least 4 days is necessary.

The workshop finale will be a concert and will take place on June 29, 2023 in the garden amphitheatre in Villa Braida and June 30, 2023 in the amphitheater in Riese.

The workshop organizer covers accommodation with full board. Participants cover their journey.

We look forward to you,

Team Let's Sing!

Who are the participants

The participants of the workshops should be teachers of music conservatories, lectors, singing teachers.

How to apply

1. Create your profile on the Let's Sing Application.

2. Choose your dates (4 days is minimum, 10 days maximum).

3. Click on registration button below.

Workshop procedure

Let's Sing experts committee will select the final workshop participants. You will receive the email with the result due on June 5, 2023.

Application open date

May 15, 2023

Application deadline

June 4, 2023

Application fee



Villa Braida, Provincie Treviso, Italy (click to view map)


Andrej Štůla,, +420603449888

Registration has been closed since June 4, 2023