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Competitions Oct. 12, 2022 Let's Sing
Oct. 12, 2022
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Let's Sing

Ambra Sorrentino, the chair of the jury

Interview with the jury

Let's Sing Competition goes to the finals. 7 members of the international jury selected the best singers from around the world. We would like to introduce the jury members to you with a short interview.


1/ How do you rate the participants of the Let's Sing Competition?

2/ Do you see any of them as having a chance for a successful (star) career?

3/ Do you think it is more important to be able to sing well or self-presentation today?


Members of the international jury

Ambra Sorrentino - the chair of the jury

Fabrizio Da Ros

Paolo Bellocci

Aleš Kománek

Luděk Golat

Federico Bardazzi

Paolo De Napoli



Ambra Sorrentino (Opera Co-Pro Ltd, United Kingdom)

1/ We received many applications from young artists, I appreciated the variety of the repertoire and I believe there are quite a few elements that can make a good career.

2/ Yes, I believe some of them are already moving their first steps on stage, but we can provide some useful advice to speed up the process and approach professional companies soon. 

3/ I believe this depends a lot on the country. Italy is still the home of belcanto, that literally means "beautiful singing". Its audience prizes the beautiful voices and the outstanding technique, whereas other countries like the UK prefer to center everything on staging and interpretation, so they expect the casting choices to be closer to the stage director rather than the music director. The choice depends also on a series of factors, such as if the performance is going to be performed outdoor or indoor, the number of performances, if there is a live streaming or a tv recording or a CD recording. The choice of the casting is always taking in consideration a large amount of factors.