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Competitions Oct. 3, 2023 Let's Sing
Oct. 3, 2023
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Let's Sing

The Finalists of the Let's Sing Opera Competition

After a lengthy consultation, the Jury chose the finalist of the Let's Sing Opera Competition. We want to thank very much to all participants and appreciate their high artistic level. Glory to the victors, honour to the vanquished. We wish you to find yourself on the following list.

The winners should find in their mailbox instructions for the final round. 

We look forward to the Grand Finale Gala Concert in Lucera on December 3, 2023.

The singers below are Competition finalists:

Arnaudov Dimitar
Bossi Francesco 
Boyajiev Dennis 
Busia Enrico
Farina Giordano
Ferraro Ester 
Gianni Giulia
Graziani Lavinia 
Kostadinov Deyan
Krasnenko Iryna
Otahara Yo 
Paoletti Francesca
Schmidtová Marie 
Sozio Luca 
Spanou Ioulia
Sykioti Vivi
Táborská Iva
Terranova Anastasia
Vardanov Davit
Zappa Nicoletta Maria