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Challenges July 23, 2023 Let's Sing
July 23, 2023
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Let's Sing

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It’s summer, good times, and time for a CHALLENGE!

All of you have surely seen the trending opera restaurant performances and so we thought we’d kick off this fun challenge with Tetiana Zozulia! Head over to our Instagram and Facebook accounts and:

- Surprise everyone during your next restaurant or bar visit with an impromptu short performance of your favorite opera.

- Upload your video tagging our Let’s Sing social media accounts and use the hashtag #letssingsummerchallenge



- Challenge three other people who in return do the same: upload a video of their performance and tag three other friends, again tagging our Let’s Sing social media accounts and using the hashtag #letssingsummerchallenge

- Post your videos until the end of summer: September 23rd 2023 We’ll have a look at all the videos at the end of the challenge and the one with the most likes is in for a special surprise.

We’re looking forward to all of your contributions!