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Competitions Oct. 15, 2022 Let's Sing
Oct. 15, 2022
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Let's Sing

Fabrizio da Ros, member of the Let's Sing jury

Interview with the jury

Let's Sing Competition goes to the finals. 7 members of the international jury selected the best singers from around the world. We would like to introduce the jury members to you with a short interview.


1/ How do you rate the participants of the Let's Sing Competition?

2/ Do you see any of them as having a chance for a successful (star) career?

3/ Do you think it is more important to be able to sing well or self-presentation today?


Members of the international jury

Ambra Sorrentino - the chair of the jury

Fabrizio Da Ros

Paolo Bellocci

Aleš Kománek

Luděk Golat

Federico Bardazzi

Paolo De Napoli


Fabrizio da Ros (Conservatorio di Musica "Stanislao Giacomantonio„ , Italy)

1/ I've listen so many different voices and a fresh, young singers full of talent.

2/ Yes, i've listen to 10 singer ready for main world stages. They need only experience and practice.

3/ I think is better sing well.